Dos and Don’ts of Stucco Siding Repair in Calgary

Stucco repairs in Calgary can be a daunting task as they can take a huge effort to cut through the hard materials. If you want to do any repair or renovation work on your stucco, such as on your stucco siding, you should ensure that you entrust this work only to professionals like Men@Work Plastering Inc. at Calgary.Stucco repair in Calgary is done by many companies, but only a branded company like this will know the intricacies of the process and use the right techniques for the same. A small mistake here can damage your surface to a great extent. Hence, you must choose your repair company wisely. These are the basic dos and don’ts that a reputed company practices while indulging in stucco repair work.

Right equipment – The first and foremost requirement of stucco repair Calgary is using the right kind of equipment. Stucco can be very rigid and hard. Hence, state-of the-art weapons like wheel grinders operating at high speed or a saw in the shape of a circle, inbuilt with a diamond cut of wheel should be used for cutting through the stucco and the lathe. These tools should be very precise for getting the right results.

Exact cuts – If one portion of your stucco is damaged and you need to replace it with another piece, it becomes very important to cut out the exact damaged piece. If the sizes of the cuts go a little haywire, then the stucco might look out of shape on your surface, causing it to look very shabby.  Imagine how your Calgary stucco siding would look if this were the case?  If you hire a professional like Men@Work Plastering Inc., Calgary, you will be treated to some amazing and accurate cuts as they use masonry chisel and hammer or cutting through.

Don’t use saws to cut corners – One of the most important points that professional companies providing stucco repair in Calgary is take care is not to use saws for cutting the corners. The cuts of your stucco must always be straight and you should know to stop just when you reach the corners. At the corners, accurate cuts should be produced by using masonry chisel and not saws. Using saws will cause the cuts to overlap each other, thereby creating problems in your repair work.

Safety gear – Experts in stucco repair work, like Calgary’s own Men@Work Plastering Inc., understand the importance of safety gear. Cutting through the stucco can turn messy and the person doing the work should wear a good safety suit, helmet and protective glasses. You have to ensure you are fully equipped before you start doing the repair work, so that you can be safe than sorry in future.

Strong base – If your older stucco has given away, it was probably because the foundation was not strong. So in order to make your  stucco (including stucco siding) is durable and strong, your repair service provider will use a strong underlay. Usually when your surface is made of wood, your stucco will be given a nice and safe house wrap for a considerable period of time so that they don’t move easily. By wrapping the stucco tightly, moisture is retained in it for a long time.  Remember, Calgary stucco repairs done by Men@Work are always done right and on time!