Features of Good Stucco for Homes in Calgary

Stucco is the end product that you get when you mix aggregate, water and a binder. The resultant material known as stucco is used as an effective material that is used in the interior decoration industry as a good wall covering, or as a decorative material in sculptures and architectural structures. Stucco in Calgary is available from reputable companies like Men@Work Plastering Inc.. We offer the latest stucco solutions for your office or residential building at the most competitive prices. Our team is highly qualified and made up of experienced professionals who understand your needs well before proceeding to offer different solutions for you.

For a very long time, conventional stucco was used to protect the walls at offices or residence, from cracks that were caused due to exposure to extreme climatic conditions. Lime and sand were the basic raw materials that were used to prepare high quality stucco during the initial years of its usage. Towards the end of the nineteenth century, however, new elements like animal fibres, plant fibres and a novel component called Portland Cement were added to the basic materials of lime and sand to prepare stucco that was highly durable and efficient.

Stucco in Calgary too, started witnessing many changes with professional companies like Men@Work Plastering Inc. engaged in manufacturing different kinds of stucco (such as Stucco Homes Calgary) as per the needs and purposes of their clients. Depending on the areas where stucco was used, the materials are slightly fine-tuned to give the necessary rigidity and durability for that material. When Calgary stucco is used in architecture or sculpture, acrylics or glass fibres were used extensively in the stucco mixture. When these are mixed, only single coat stucco is used, in place of the three-coat system that is normally practiced.

Slowly, the applications of stucco started growing. Engineers started using stucco while constructing building made from wood or heavy timber. In these cases, a lattice or lath was attached between the support systems of the structure so that the structure would have more balance and stability. When stucco was combined with lath, three coats were normally applied on the structure. These were named, scratch coat, brown coat and the finish coat. You can work around the finish coat in the way you desire. You could either modify it to get a sand finish, sprayed finish or get a hand-texture look to it.

In the field of architecture, stucco was extensively used in decorating or giving intricate carvings to ceilings. This is because stucco is light in nature and flows nicely into the curves of a building, giving it a nice shape and texture. The best instances where Calgary stucco is used heavily in construction can be visible in churches and palaces where the ceilings are huge and artistic. Rococo and Baroque patterns of architecture are some styles where stucco dominates the construction styles. In 19th and 20th century, many affluent houses and Islamic tombs, mosques and monuments were constructed using a heavy dose of stucco.

Men@Work has experience in all forms of Stucco designed for Calgary’s varied climate.  Whether you want to stucco your Calgary home or business, or just want to freshen your existing stucco installation, call us!