Tips for Choosing Stucco Contractors in Calgary

You decide to install stucco for your walls and surfaces in two important instances. One is when you want to add beauty to your structures, and the second is when you want durability and quality for your surfaces. You should choose good stucco companies in Calgary if you want your objectives to be fulfilled. It doesn’t make any sense if you invest in the wrong Calgary stucco contractor because your stucco are going to give away soon, defeating the whole purpose as to why they were installed. Here are some tips that will help you will choose a good stucco company.

Reputation – Always check if your stucco contractor has a well-established business and enjoys a positive reputation in the area where it operates. There should be a proper office premise, full–time staff, valid registrations, permits and licenses for your company. Communication between you and the Stucco Contractor in Calgary should come in the form of letters that bear the company’s seal. All these might look like simple thoughts, but they are the first and most basic check that you need to exercise if your company is indeed a proper, formal organisation.

Insurance – Only a few stucco companies in Calgary, like the professional and reputed Men@Work Plastering Inc., operate with proper insurance. This is very important because while applying stucco on your surfaces, and in the unlikely event of your surface being damaged, the insurance of your stucco contractor will play a big role.

Guarantee – You should choose a Calgary stucco company that comes with a proper guarantee on their products.  If you purchase stucco from non-guaranteed companies, they start peeling off from your surfaces or walls very soon. They are also prone to cracks and damages. An authorised and branded stucco company like Men@Work Plastering Inc. will give you a fixed 5 year guarantee on their products, which is the most ideal time frame. Never opt for companies that over promise you with a 10 year guarantee as it is only a marketing gimmick to lure you.

Personnel – Your Calgary stucco contractor should be able to provide you clear cut information as to who will be directly involved in the job. The supervisor must be present daily at your location to oversee the work that is happening. Never choose companies that are going to assign you a group of young and inexperienced workmen who work on temporary contract, without any supervisor to guide them.

References – A branded Calgary stucco company like Men@Work Plastering Inc. will gladly and confidently provide you references of their previous clients, if you ask them. This goes on prove the quality of their services. You must remember that you should never choose a company that hesitates or thinks too much when you ask for references. Their hesitation should ring an alarm bell in your mind that something is amiss.

Cleaning – Stucco work and mess go hand in hand. There are high chances of your surfaces or floors getting dirty during the construction process. Hence, it is important to know what precaution your company would take before engaging in this messy work. They should first cover all your important belongings with plastic covers before they start their work and similarly should clean your place every day before leaving for the day.