News Trends and Advantages of Using Acrylic Stucco in Calgary

Gone are the days when wall coverings and other related industries used traditional or conventional stucco. With professional companies like Men@Work Plastering Inc. in Calgary, bringing in new trends like synthetic-coloured stucco or acrylic stucco finishes and coats, traditional stucco has completely gone off the markets. These new acrylic finishes come with a host of benefits which is why many of them are shifting base to these from their traditional stucco methodologies. Companies providing acrylic stucco in Calgary try to woo the clients by advertising tall and false claims about their products. You should be careful to choose only that company that has earned great reputation for itself and that enjoys high credibility among its clients. Men@Work Plastering Inc. is an example of one such professional company. Choosing acrylic stucco coats from them helps you experience the following benefits:

Prevents cracks – If your stucco is prone to cracks, then acrylic stucco is the best solution for you. These modern coatings are highly flexible and are elastomeric in nature. Hence they can mould in whichever way they want. Due to their flexibility, they are less prone to cracks. If exposure to cracks is reduced, the durability and performance of your stucco systems increase considerably. In these synthetic systems, the problem of colour coating peeling off is also absent because of the durability factor.

Great adhesion – If you purchase acrylic stucco. Calgary based firm Men@Work Plastering Inc., will assure that you receive the highest quality adhesion properties they possess. A lot of standard aggregates and fillers have gone into making these synthetic coats, which makes them stay on the respective surfaces for a long period of time. You never face the unpleasant scenario when your stucco comes peeling off the surface when you least expect it, once you have started using these acrylic stucco solutions at your place.

Ultimate surface protection – Irrespective of how uneven or shabby your surfaces look, Calgary acrylic stucco has the power to totally conceal any imprefections. All the irregularities of your surfaces are perfectly hidden under the extremely efficient protective properties of the acrylic stucco material. Researchers have indicated that surfaces that have acrylic stucco on them have the power to resist extreme kinds of weather and can even remain strong when exposed to winds with a maximum speed of 120 miles per hour.

Easy to clean – Acrylic stucco coverings on the surface are not only easy to construct, but also very easy to maintain. Cleaning is a very simple process as these modern stucco structures can be wiped clean off any dust or dirt with just soap and water. Frequent bouts of cleaning will not cause damage to the structures in any way.

Variety of colours – When compared to traditional stucco, Calgary acrylic stucco come in a large variety of colours that go well with any kind of surface. Depending on the type of your surface, you can choose the various textures of acrylic stucco. Some of the textures available in the market today are fine, trowel-texture, sand-finish, spray-finish, smooth etc.