Don Cote

Founded by Don Cote, MEN@WORK PLASTERING INC. was incorporated in the province of Alberta in 1999, however, we have been in business for over three decades.

Don learned this trade from his father, and his father learned it from his father before him. In turn, Don has passed on the skills to his sons, who are now and important part of the company.

Don, an expert journeyman plasterer, is a devout perfectionist and our clients reap the benefits of this characteristic. Seeing sub-par stucco work, out in the field drives him crazy.

Don is a devout husband and a father of six children, and now a grandpa too!  He’s an avid hunter, and loves to take the time to indulge in coastal fishing as much as he can. He is dedicated to giving you exemplary service, and an buildings exterior you can be proud of for years to come.

Lyder Loveseth (Supervisor)

Lyder has been and integral part of MEN@WORK PLASTERING INC. for over 20 years. His absolute commitment to the company has been unfaltering.  He is a husband, and a father, and is a dedicated family man. He enjoys tinkering with home improvement projects, and indulging in his aquarium hobbies.

Lyder is a skilled journeyman plasterer, and very motivated to provide customers with excellent service and workmanship.